20 July, 2010

A Tour for Foodies

The Australian Broadcast service does a great recipe every stage.

Tour de France 2010 Recipes

19 July, 2010

Pop Up TdF

Pop-up books were fun when I was a kid. Problem was, they were most fascinating when I was least able to handle them. At the age I wanted these books, I was quickly destroying the intricate models that were opening with each page. Still, this one is cool.

Must-See Cervelo Advermentaries

Don't know why Cervelo decided to commission these. But whatever reason, they're pretty good. Unfortunately, they're usually two to three months behind, so the Tour story will probably debut in September or October.

18 July, 2010

TdF Sweepstakes: Performance Bike

Mail Order Giant Performance Bike has their own big sweepstakes.

TdF Sweepstakes: Versus/Cadillac--go to the Tour in 2011

Sponsor madness. Enter to win a trip to the 2011 Tour de France.

TdF Sweepstakes: Road ID

Road ID makes entering a little more difficult. You have to either donate money, buy stuff, or start following them on Twitter or Facebook. Still might be worth it if you like the prizes.

17 July, 2010

TdF Sweepstakes: Win a PowerMeter and Coaching

Training Peaks is going big time. They're offering up a SRM and coaching from Hunter Allen.

TdF Sweepstakes: Aquaphor Challenge

While this one is fun, it takes quite a bit of work. First you need a GPS. Then you need to ride every stage of the race. Then, when your ride is done, upload your ride to Map My Ride. They'll convert your effort into what it would be if you rode the actual TdF Stage of the day. with that, they'll compute a leaderboard.

TdF Sweepstakes: Win a Specialized Bike

Specialized is giving away one every day.

16 July, 2010

15 July, 2010

TdF Sweepstakes: Win stuff from Active.com

This one takes a little work. They give up a trivia question a day. It's multiple choice, so you can alway just guess.

Quality Head Butt leads to a primer on the Rules of Sprinting

Let's thank head butt'r extraordinaire Mark Renshaw for prompting this excellent video analysis by Cyclocosm:

08 July, 2010

Some online options for tracking the Tour

The Wall Street Journal found some options and offers them up in Tracking the Tour de France with Tech.